SwampSwami’s 2018 NCAA Bracket!

Good morning!  In a few hours, that wonderful annual event called March Madness begins in earnest. Sixty-four teams battling for the national championship in men’s college basketball.  All you have to do is win six games in a row, and you are the champion!

Yes, Virginia.  The picture is that of my 2018 NCAA basketball bracket picks.

And, yes, Virginia, I made these picks on Monday before the news about the loss of a key player for the University of Virginia.

Nevertheless, I am picking the University of Virginia to win it all.

OK, truth be known, I was born in Richmond, Virginia (though I haven’t lived there since I was 6).  Call it my sentimental favorite for obvious reasons.

Before you think Swampswami is a genius at picking NCAA basketball games, please heed this warning.

I played organized basketball every year from the fifth grade through age 36.  I know my hoops.  I refereed youth and adult basketball games for part-time income when I was younger (much younger!).

You would think a guy like me would have great success with picking the games, right?  Wrong.

DO NOT TRUST MY PICKS!  I have never won a bracket – EVER!

The statistics should be in my favor by now, right?  But, then again, doesn’t Lucy pull the football away from Charlie Brown just before he tries to kick it…every single time?  Sadly, that is my track record at picking the winners.

Regardless, have fun and enjoy the Madness!