Sweep-the-SwampCast! March 8, 2019

Happy Friday to all! As you prepare to LOSE an hour of sleep beginning this Sunday with the return of Daylight Savings Time (ugh), your SwampSwami has cobbled together an end-of-week audio extravaganza for football fans!

On today’s podcast, we will cover, in detail, our FINAL update on the status of the second New Orleans Saints fans’ lawsuit against the NFL and the L.A. referees in the NFC Championship game. Also, we’ll discuss the Association of American Football (AAF) trying to cut a deal with the NFL and provide the latest AAF standings after Week 4.

If that’s not enough, we’ll learn about another Dallas Cowboys player who appears to have decided to become the latest member of the Doobie Brothers, the latest Chicago Bears placekicker who “Blewitt” even before his first NFL game, and close with a tribute to the passing of legendary sports writer, Dan Jenkins (whose book inspired the classic comedy movie, “Caddyshack“.

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