Now celebrating 1 year!

Wow, that was fast!

One year ago today, launched this site with the idea of bringing you a rather unique and (hopefully) entertaining look at sports, the sports media, the business of sports, and other topics of interest.

After nearly 150 posts in our inaugural campaign, let’s go to the leaderboard to see how we performed during Year 1:

Football – 42 posts

Basketball – 35

Golf – 23

Media – 17

Business – 10

Baseball – 9

Hockey – 2

With one post each, we covered tennis, bicycling (Tour de France), curling (ice), NCAA women’s softball, a dog show (Westminster), Major League Eating (seriously!), and even The Weather Channel.

We did stories on the ending of ESPN’s Mike & Mike Show (my first post) and, several months later, a Mike vs. Mike story about their respective new shows.

Football garnered a lot of our attention.  During Year 1, we dedicated a four part series on ways to improve the NFL.

During hoops season, we ran back-to-back stories on the lost art of two-point shooting in basketball.  We even offered our help to the #1 pick in the NBA draft, Markelle Fultz, on how to fix his broken jump shot.

Last fall, we celebrated baseball’s first-time World Champions, the Houston Astros, along with their inspiring MVP, Jose Altuve.

We took our shots at LaVar Ball, the NFL’s Thursday Night Football (which still must end!), and the folly of tanking in professional sports.

We discussed why winning teams will keep on winning, and losing franchises just keep on losing (hint – ownership and management matter).

And last, but not least, we introduced the SwampSwami Top 25 weekly college football rankings.  The University of Central Florida emerged as our inaugural season national champions with the only undefeated record in college football during 2017.  It was a fascinating battle to the finish line for the champs!

What’s next?  Though SwampSwami had been hopeful to have enough spare time to do an audio podcast during Year 1, it turned out to be a bigger challenge than first expected.  My goal is to try to spend some time this summer figuring out a better way to bring you a few podcasts by football season.  We’ll see.

THANK YOU to the faithful and the ever-growing-by-leaps-and-bounds legion of SwampSwami fans.  Please tell a friend about us (or maybe not – if they don’t have a good sense of humor!).

Hey, that’s why we’re here.  Sports coverage should be informative, entertaining and fun!