Line ’em up! Bowling for $$$

After last weekend’s Army vs. Navy game, another autumn of college football has done its job to sustain us into the winter months. 

Your SwampSwami has decided to unveil his complete list ranking all 130 teams in the NCAA’s upper division (BCS) so that you can make your picks in this year’s Bowl Extravaganza (39 games featuring 78 teams, in case you are counting). 

Before I provide my best guesses on these exciting (cough, cough) bowl match-ups, let’s take a look at the final rankings of the SwampSwami 130:

#TeamWLBest win in 2018
4Notre Dame120
5Ohio State12162-39 over 10-2 Michigan
6Oklahoma12128-21 over 10-2 Army
7Georgia11234-17 over 9-3 Kentucky
8Washington State10228-24 over 9-4 Utah
9Michigan10242-7 over 9-3 Penn State
10Army10242-13 @ 10-3 Buffalo
11Appalachian State10221-10 over 9-3 Troy
12Fresno State11219-16 @ 10-3 Boise St.
13Cincinnati10234-30 over 8-4 Ohio U.
14Utah State10256-17 @ 8-5 Hawaii
15Washington  10328-15 @ 10-2 Wash. St
16Kentucky9326-16 @ 9-3 Florida
17Florida9327-19 over 9-3 LSU
18LSU9336-16 over 11-2 Georgia
19Boise State10333-24 over 10-2 Utah St.
20West Virginia8342-41 @ 9-4 Texas
21Syracuse9351-41 over 9-3 NC State
22Penn State9330-24 over 8-4 Iowa
23UAB10327-25 over 8-5 Mid.Tenn.
24Buffalo10336-29 @ 8-4 Temple
25NC State9328-23 over 7-5 Boston C.
26Georgia Southern9334-14 over 10-2 App. State
27North Texas9330-7 over 6-5 So. Miss
28Troy9326-16 over 7-6 UL-Lafay’te
29Texas 9448-45 over 12-1 Oklahoma
30Temple8424-17 over 10-2 Cincy
31Oregon8430-27 over 10-3 U-Wash.
32Missouri8438-17 @ 9-3 Florida
33Texas A&M8474-72 over 9-3 LSU
34Iowa8413-3 over 8-4 Iowa State
35Iowa State8430-14 over 8-3 West Va.
36Stanford8438-31 @ 8-4 Oregon
37Utah9440-21 @ 8-4 Stanford
38Marshall8428-25 over 8-4 Fla. Int’l
39Florida International8424-21 over 8-5 Mid. Tenn
40Mississippi State8423-9 over 7-5 Auburn
41Ohio U.8459-14 @ 7-5 W. Michigan
42Arkansas State8431-17 over 6-6 ULMonroe
43Duke7534-14 over 10-2 Army
44Michigan State7538-31 over 10-2 Utah State
45Auburn7521-16 over 10-3 U-Wash.
46California7512-10 over 10-3 U-Wash.
47San Diego State7519-13 @ 10-3 Boise St.
48Northern Illinois8530-29 over 10-3 Buffalo
49Louisiana Tech7529-27 @ 9-3 N. Texas
50Arizona State7538-20 over 9-4 Utah
51Wisconsin7528-17 @ 8-4 Iowa
52Northwestern8514-10 @ 8-4 Iowa
53Memphis8552-31 over 8-4 Houston
54Middle Tennessee8534-24 over 8-4 Marshall
55Southern Miss6526-24 over 8-4 Marshall
56Nevada7540-22 @ 8-5 Hawaii
57Toledo7551-24 @ 7-5 W. Michigan
58Western Michigan7528-21 over 8-5 N. Illinois
59Virginia   7528-14 @ 7-5 Duke
60Boston College7527-14 over 7-5 Miami Fla
61Eastern Michigan7528-26 over 7-5 Toledo
62Georgia Tech7530-27 over 7-5 Virginia
63Hawaii8531-30 @ 7-5 San Diego St.
64Houston8557-36 over 7-5 S. Florida
65South Florida7549-38 over 7-5 Ga. Tech
66Miami (Fla)7524-3 over 7-6 Pittsburgh
67South Carolina7548-44 @ 5-7 Ole Miss
68Purdue6649-20 over 12-1 Ohio State
69Minnesota6621-14 vs. 11-2 Fresno St.
70Oklahoma State6644-21 over 10-3 Boise St.
71Pittsburgh7644-37 over 9-3 Syracuse
72Wake Forest6627-23 @ 9-3 N.C. State
73Liberty6622-16 over 9-3 Troy
74Louisiana-Monroe6644-25 over 9-3 Georgia So.
75TCU6617-14 over 8-4 Iowa State
76Virginia Tech6641-20 over 8-4 Marshall
77Louisiana-Lafayette7647-43 over 8-4 Arkansas St
78Vanderbilt6635-7 over 8-5 Middle Tenn
79Tulane6640-24 over 8-5 Memphis
80Miami (OH)6613-7 @ 8-5 N. Illinois
81BYU6624-21 @ 7-5 Wisconsin
82Baylor6635-31 over 6-6 Okla. State
83Wyoming6635-27 over 5-7 Air Force
84USC5739-36 over 10-2 Wash. St.
85Coastal Carolina5747-24 over 10-3 UAB
86Tennessee5724-7 over 9-3 Kentucky
87Maryland5734-29 over 9-4 Texas
88Arizona5744-15 over 8-4 Oregon
89Florida Atlantic5749-14 @ 8-4 Fla. Int’l
90Indiana5738-28 @ 8-4 Fla. Int’l 
91Florida State5737-19 over 8-5 N. Illinois
92Texas Tech5763-49 over 8-5 Houston
93SMU5745-31 over 8-5 Houston
94Colorado5728-21 over 7-5 Arizona St.
95Charlotte5720-17 over 6-5 So. Miss
96Kansas State5731-12 over 6-6 Ok. State
97Ole Miss5770-21 over 6-6 UL-Monroe
98Air Force5741-25 @ 4-8 UNLV
99Old Dominion4834-31 over 9-3 N. Texas
100Akron4839-34 @ 8-5 N’western
101Nebraska489-6 over 7-5 Michigan St.
102UNLV4827-24 over 7-5 S. Diego St.
103Ball State4842-41 over 7-5 W. Mich.
104Illinois4855-31 over 6-6 Minnesota
105U-Mass4862-59 over 6-6 Liberty
106Navy31022-21 over 8-5 Memphis
107UCLA3937-7 @ 7-5 California
108Western Kentucky3930-15 @ 7-5 La. Tech
109North Carolina2938-35 over 7-6 Pittsburgh
110Kansas   3927-26 over 6-6 TCU
111New Mexico State3949-41 over 6-6 Liberty
112Tulsa3927-24 over 5-7 SMU
113South Alabama3931-28 over 5-7 Coastal Car.
114Bowling Green3921-6 @ 4-8 Akron
115New Mexico   3950-15 @ 4-8 UNLV
116East Carolina3937-35 over 4-8 Old Dom’n
117Texas State3927-20 over 3-9 N. Mexico
118UT-San Antonio3925-21 over 3-9 Texas State
119Colorado State3920-18 over 3-9 N. Mexico
120Georgia State21046-14 over 6-6 UL-Monroe
121Oregon State21041-34 @ 5-7 Colorado
122Rice21127-13 over 4-8 Old Domin.
123Arkansas  21023-0 over 3-9 Tulsa
124Kent State21035-28 over 3-9 Bowling G.
125Louisville21020-17 over 3-9 Western KY
126San Jose State11150-37 over 4-8 UNLV
127Rutgers11135-7 over 3-9 Texas State
128UTEP11140-36 @ 2-11 Rice
129Central Michigan11117-5 over Maine (10-3 FCS)
130Connecticut11156-49 over R.Isld (6-5 FCS)

Special commendation goes to U-Conn for winning this year’s worst team by edging Central Michigan by virtue of their thrilling seven point win over FCS opponent, Rhode Island!  Better luck next season, Huskies!

Without further ado, below are the SwampSwami bowl picks (winners in BOLD) based on my  team rankings.  HAPPY BOWLING!!!

Bowling for $$$Team 1#Team 2#
New MexicoNorth Texas27Utah State14
Las VegasArizona St.50Fresno State12
CameliaE. Michigan61Georgia Southern26
New OrleansAppalachian St.11Middle Tennessee54
Boca RatonUAB23Northern Illinois48
FriscoOhio U41San Diego State47
GasparillaMarshall38South Florida65
BahamasToledo57Florida International39
Idaho PotatoesBYU81Western Michigan58
BirminghamMemphis53Wake Forest72
Armed ServicesArmy10Houston64
Dollar GeneralBuffalo24Troy28
HawaiiLouisiana Tech49Hawaii63
First RespondersBoston College60Boise State19
Quick LaneMinnesota69Georgia Tech62
PinstripeWisconsin51Miami (FL)66
Music CityAuburn45Purdue68
Camping WorldWest Virginia20Syracuse21
AlamoIowa State35Washington State8
BelkSouth Carolina67Virginia59
ArizonaNevada56Arkansas State42
PeachFlorida 17Michigan9
Cotton (BCS-A)Clemson2Notre Dame4
Orange (BCS-B)Alabama1Oklahoma    6
MilitaryCincinnati13Virginia Tech76
RedboxMichigan State44Oregon31
LibertyMissouri32Oklahoma State70
HolidayNorthwestern52Utah  37
GatorTexas A&M33North Carolina State25
OutbackMississippi State40Iowa34
CitrusKentucky16Penn State22
RoseOhio State5Univ. of Washington15