Bama tramples LSU to lead SwampSwami College Football Top 25

Oh, the humanity of it all!  As Alabama continued to blast away at a very tough LSU defense on Saturday night in Baton Rouge, the CBS commentators were rightfully impressed with the offensive talent of the Crimson Tide.

Coach Nick Saban’s quarterback, running backs, and wide receivers are wonderfully blessed with talent.

But, oh, those horses up front!  The offensive and defensive linemen for Alabama are special and will be playing football in the NFL soon, too.

They made a very good LSU team, playing in front of their very loud and exuberant fans, look like a high school opponent as these Crimson Clydesdales dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

The 29-0 final score was a testament to the effort and fight shown all night by a proud LSU defense trying to contain Alabama.  Alas, LSU’s offense arrived DOA at Tiger Stadium and rarely crossed midfield despite the urging of the Tigers’ 102,000 assistant coaches in the stands.

Alabama rightfully remains the top team in this week’s Top 25 rankings.  None of the four undefeated teams (Bama, Clemson, UCF, and Notre Dame) lost, so they remain my current BCS Final Four (if the season ended this week, that is).

Special “guts” kudos this week to West Virginia (7-1 and #10 in this week’s poll) for going for the two-point conversion and the victory late Saturday afternoon at 6-3 Texas.  The Mountaineers said they were prepared to go for the win as they did not want to play an overtime game in Austin, Texas.  After a stunning loss earlier this season to Iowa State, West Virginia knows it must run the table to have a chance at a BCS slot.

Though Michigan (#8 in my poll this week) blasted a Penn State team playing with a hobbled QB (Trace Mc”Sore”ly injured his knee last week vs. Iowa), your SwampSwami is still suspect of trusting Michigan just yet.  They haven’t won (shared) a national college football championship since 1997.  Show me something, Wolverines!

Time to check out the entire list of the College Football Top 25 rankings for the week ending November 3, 2018:

# Team W L 2017 AP Rank Best win/loss in 2018
1 Alabama 9 0 1
2 Clemson 9 0 4
3 UCF 8 0 6
4 Notre Dame 9 0 11
5 Georgia 8 1 34-17 over 7-2 Kentucky
6 Oklahoma 8 1 28-21 over 7-2 Army
7 Washington State 8 1 28-24 over 6-3 Utah
8 Michigan 8 1 42-7 over 6-3 Penn State
9 Ohio State 8 1 27-26 @ 6-3 Penn State
10 West Virginia 7 1 42-41 @ 6-3 Texas
11 Utah State 8 1 56-17 @ 6-5 Hawaii
12 UAB 8 1 28-7 @ 6-3 La. Tech
13 Cincinnati 8 1 34-30 over 6-3 Ohio U.
14 Buffalo 8 1 36-29 @ 5-4 Temple
15 Fresno State 8 1 49-27 over 5-4 Toledo
16 LSU 7 2 36-16 over 8-1 Georgia
17 Army 7 2 42-13 @ 8-1 Buffalo
18 Syracuse 7 2 51-41 over 6-2 NC State
19 San Diego State 7 2 19-13 @ 7-2 Boise St.
20 Boise State 7 2 56-20 @ 7-2 Troy
21 NC State 6 2 28-23 over 6-2 Boston C.
22 Kentucky 7 2 26-16 @ 6-3 Florida
23 Boston College 7 2 27-14 over 5-4 Miami Fla
24 Troy 7 2 35-27 @ 5-4 UL-Monroe
25 Houston 7 2 57-36 over 6-2  S. Florida






Death of the Diaper Dandy Dynasties?

The NCAA basketball’s Final Four is now set for this Saturday in San Antonio.  The upstart Ramblers of Loyola-Chicago will square off with the Big 10’s Michigan Wolverines while #1 seeds Kansas and Villanova will play the nightcap.  These teams earned their way to the big stage, and it should be a magnificent day of college hoops in the Alamo City.

It is also notable who will not be in the final weekend of this year’s March Madness.  No Kentucky.  No Duke.  Two of the nation’s foremost college basketball programs will again be sitting out the dance this year.

For both the Wildcats and Blue Devils, this marks the third consecutive year which neither team will play in the championship game of men’s college basketball.  These two national hoops hotbeds have been on the Final Four sidelines more than in the championship game in recent years.  Duke’s last championship came in 2015, while Big Blue in Kentucky last hoisted a trophy in 2012.

Based on the hype surrounding those two teams and their recent one-on-one battles for the most prized high school recruits, you would think those two schools would be winning the tournament more often.

The answer, of course, is that Kentucky and Duke have become the nation’s foremost “one and done” schools for many young players whose sole intent is to meet the NBA’s minimum eligibility requirements after one year at school.

In 2018, Kentucky’s starting five consisted of all freshmen, while Duke started four freshmen and a lone senior, Grayson Allen.  Nine freshmen out of ten starters!  Sadly, most of these nine young players have convinced themselves that they are now ready to play in the NBA.

A few may make it, but most won’t.

Imagine, for a moment, just how good a Kentucky or Duke team just might be if many of these players would stay in school and play for two or three seasons?

Meanwhile, the four teams playing in this weekend’s games will start a total of two (count ’em) freshmen while juniors and seniors dominate the starting fives.  The twenty starting players will be focused on the ultimate team goal – winning a national championship.

Kentucky, Duke and a few other universities have opted to invest in recruiting the highly-hyped “one and done” high school basketball stars to, in part, avoid having so-called rebuilding years following the loss of key upperclassmen.  All the while, both these schools and their younger players wink while knowing they are mutually using each other for their own financial gain.

It is time for the NCAA and the NBA to end this charade by permitting high school players to go directly into the professional ranks (including the development leagues).  Alternatively, for those players who elect to sign an athletic scholarship to play college ball, those student-athletes should be required to make a minimum three-year commitment to the program and, hopefully, take advantage of the educational opportunities.

This weekend’s Final Four “older kids” have worked hard to accomplish a singular goal of winning a national championship.  It will be a treat to watch them give it their all.

Meanwhile, the Diaper Dandy kiddie programs have returned home and are all tucked-in taking their pre-NBA draft naps.

Shh…Don’t anyone wake-up these sleeping programs anytime soon.

I am having too much fun again this year without them.







Loyola-Chicago, Sister Jean, and their San Antonio Mission

Cinderella has officially arrived at the big dance!  The #11 seed from the South region of the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament has crashed the party of basketball’s blue bloods and will bring their ever-growing legion of fans from around the nation and the world into San Antonio next Saturday for the Final Four.

The Ramblers of Loyola University-Chicago are going to the big dance for the first time since 1963.

A week prior to the start of this year’s March Madness, your ever-observant SwampSwami successfully (for once!) deemed Loyola-Chicago as his sleeper pick in this year’s field.  Moral – it’s better to be lucky than good, because I also picked Virginia to win it all (oops).

What I wasn’t aware of at the time of the prior article was the secret weapon of Loyola-Chicago, Sister Jean.  By now, everyone knows that this 98-year old basketball-happy nun offers-up a prayer for the team before every game.

When asked after an earlier win about how she motivates the Loyola team prior to tip-off, the team’s inspirational beacon said, “I told them that we were going to win, that we could do it & that God would be on our side.”

I seem to recall a couple of Chicago-based musicians whose mantra was that they, too, were on a mission from God.  Jake and Elwood (aka The Blues Brothers) didn’t do anything the orthodox way.  But they really had that positive Chicago swagger and, wow, could they dance!

This Saturday, the University of Michigan (winners of the West Region) will stand between America’s college basketball darlings and their chance to play for the 2018 national championship.

Hey, Michigan.  Did you know that the city which is home to this year’s Final Four, San Antonio, is also known for their five historic Spanish missions (including The Alamo)?

Beware, Wolverines.

Your Chicago-based opponent is rambling into town on yet another mission!