Welcome to the Drew Brees’ Record Store!

The NFL’s New Orleans Saints are 8-1 after Sunday’s blowout 51-14 win at Cincinnati.

A few days earlier, one of the national sports media companies (starts with a C and ends with “BS”, ha ha), had their weekly fantasy football writer suggest that the NFL quarterback “Bust of the Week” would be New Orleans quarterback, Drew Brees.

Since good ol’ reliable #9 is my fantasy quarterback, I read the article with a suspicious eye.  The writer said that Brees generally doesn’t play as well outside (sometimes true), and the Saints dynamic duo of running backs (Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram) could carry the load as Brees might be tempted to give his arm a rest after a record-setting start to his 18th season in the NFL.

In the immortal words of ESPN’s GameDay legend, Lee Corso, “NOT so fast, Mr. Fantasy Football Writer!”

Drew Brees is the driver of the supercharged Saints offensive machine, and the Maestro was conducting his orchestra with amazing efficiency again on Sunday in Cincy.  Brees completed 22 of 25 pass attempts (88%) for 265 yards, three touchdowns via the pass, one via a quarterback sneak, and no interceptions.

Brees and “Bravo” go hand in hand this season when observing what this wily 39-year old conductor is doing.

The Saints quarterback is averaging nearly 300 yards of passing this season, has a 77% completion percentage for the year, and a quarterback rating of 123.8.

After leading the New Orleans Saints to their lone Super Bowl (a victory in 2009), Drew Brees and the Saints are trying to earn a chance to play their playoff games in front of their adoring fans in the extremely loud Superdome.

Along the way, the humble and easily likable Brees is setting NFL records nearly every week this season.

In September, Drew Brees broke Brett Favre’s record for most completed passes in an NFL career (6,300).

In October, Brees then eclipsed the NFL’s all-time passing yardage mark from Peyton Manning and now has over 72,000 yards (that’s about 41 miles!).

On Sunday, Drew Brees “passed” (ha ha) Favre and moved into second place in the NFL’s career touchdown list (now at 509).  Look out Peyton!  The Saints passing machine is now just thirty touchdowns behind your all-time record of 539.

Though the records obviously mean a lot to a talented leader like Drew Brees, it seems to me that he is motivated more than ever to get another Super Bowl ring with this team of talented players.

The Drew Brees Record Store is quite busy this season.  If the Saints keep winning, long time Saints favorite, “Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Them Saints?”, could be replaced at the top of the charts in the Crescent City in February with yet another Drew Brees record.

Two Dat?!!!