Thank you, Mike and Mike!

In so many ways, sports can really resemble life.  If we’re lucky, we get a few absolute highs and a few really lousy lows.  That’s why we love sports (and life) so much.

The absolute low of learning that my favorite golfer of all time, Arnold Palmer, had passed away in late 2016, but then watching Sergio Garcia finally break through this spring to win his first major championship at The Masters.  It was riveting to watch.  And, somehow, I felt that Arnie may have been pulling for Sergio, too.

The highs such as watching the Boston Celtics’ guard Isaiah Thomas pour in a whopping 53 points in an improbable rally against the Washington Wizards less than one week after learning that that his younger sister had been killed in an auto accident this spring.  I still don’t know how I.T. did it, but it was simply amazing to watch!

More lows today after reading about the latest Tiger Woods off-the-course incident while, at the same time, the joy of watching aspiring men’s golf teams compete, just like Tiger did 21 years ago, for this year’s NCAA men’s golf championship.

Last week, we learned that the ESPN Radio and ESPN2 “Mike and Mike” duo of Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic will be ending their lengthy on-the-air ride together later this year.  The combination of Greenberg’s inquisitive sportswriter persona along with Golic’s ex-NFL defensive lineman athlete’s perspective made for some terrific shows over the years.  They do their homework, ask questions of their guests that listeners want the answers to, and their always entertaining back-and-forth commentary (though mostly civil) has provided some non-caffeinated fun into my mornings since they teamed-up in 1999.  Mike and Mike always understood that sports radio can and should be “fun”.  They are true professionals at their craft.

Yes, I realize that Greeny will have his own new show on ESPN next year, and Golic will get a new partner in Trey Wingo, too.  I sincerely hope that everyone succeeds in their new broadcasting ventures!

But, for now, I am a bit sad, because this fun, intelligent, and respectfully-professional sports program will be leaving the air later this year.

A tip of the sports coffee mug and a very hearty “THANK YOU” to Mike and Mike!   Let’s hope some day you’ll be back and be better than ever!